Kindness in the Community - Llantarnam Ward Food Bank


The Kindness in the Community project began in January of 2021, after a local councillor - Councillor David Thomas - suggested that the school could become the hub for a local food bank.

After nearly a year of disruption due to Covid-19 it had become clear that the global pandemic had far reaching consequences, and most of our lives had been affected in one way or another.

Kindness in the Community (KIC) was started, not just to provided food and supplies to those who could benefit, but as a way of reaching out to the community at a time when it was harder than ever for people to do so.

From their base at Llantarnam Primary School, a small but dedicated group of volunteers arrange weekly deliveries of 'Bags of Kindness' - staple foods and supplies - to anyone in the Llantarnam Ward community who would like one.


They work in conjunction with other like minded organisations, such as 'Tasty Not Wasty CIC', to help stop food waste