Dear Parent / Guardian,                                                                                           




There is currently a problem with head lice within school. It is important that all families connected with the school are made aware of the outbreak and the simple steps required to combat the problem.


In a normal school environment, where children work and play closely, head lice find it rather easy to transfer from head to head. Your child has as much chance of becoming infected as any other.


Fortunately head lice are easy to treat and, these days, easy to protect against.


Step 1. The first thing to do is check whether lice are present. Don't rely on signs like itching and scratching - infection has to be well advanced for this to occur. The best way to detect lice is with a special comb you can get from the chemist. Run the comb through wet hair and if lice are present one will eventually appear. Lice are greyish brown, six legged insects about the length of a match head.


Step 2. If you find that your child is infected you can visit your doctor for a prescription or local pharmacist to advise you about the many treatments available to treat head lice. Don't forget you must treat the whole family even if not everyone is actually infected.


Remember, once you have cleared any infection, or if no lice were present in the first place, you should still continue to check regularly throughout the outbreak.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Laura Perrett

Head Teacher