We work hard to make links with all feeder nurseries and schools to ensure a smooth transition into and from Llantarnam and where necessary meet and plan enhanced transition programmes to ensure success.



We make contact with feeder pre-schools and visit and meet with staff and pupils and parents where necessary.



We have strong links with our feeder secondary school Croesyceiliog High and the other local secondary Cwmbran High School.  

Staff from the schools visit school to meet and work with the year 6 staff and pupils and transition meetings are held both at Llantarnam and the feeder schools for pupils and parents.


Children transfer from primary to secondary schools at the start of the school year in which their twelfth birthday falls (1st September – 31st August inclusive) Information on all pupils due to transfer are provided to the secondary schools. Children are normally expected to transfer to the secondary school in the area in which they live and are notified of the school by TCBC admissions.  

When your child is in Year 6, parents would be required to complete an admission application on-line (Details will be given out to pupils during the Autumn term when your child is along with the deadlines for applications) You will be notified by LA admissions in the Spring term of the offer of child’s secondary place to start in September.