At Llantarnam Primary school we believe it is vital that parents and teachers work together for the good of our children. We feel that it is important for you to know of all the opportunities we provide for parents to become involved in school.


We operate an open door policy which aims to meet with parents daily at pick or as required throughout the school year.


Parents are invited to several celebration events throughout the year including, class assemblies, concerts, carol services and productions. Additionally we hold regular information and training sessions including welcome meetings for Nursery termly and Reception during the summer term. Training includes reading in particular Read Write Inc and other school development initiatives. We also include parents in PACT sessions (parents and teachers together) and annual events such as World Book Day.

Additionally we encourage partnerships in learning through home school reading and weekly homework tasks which build on learning in school.



Parents are invited to school to discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher on consultation evenings which are held in the autumn and spring terms and view their child’s work and receive a written report towards the end of the summer term. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s report with the class teacher by appointment.



Our PTA are very active, they organise and run a number of fund raising events throughout the year.

They welcome new members.

If you have some time and would like to help out please ask Mrs Bailey in the school office.



We work hard to keep parents informed about the life of the school and as much notice as possible of forthcoming events.

Weekly newsletters are emailed to parents reporting events and school activities. 



We love parents to come in and help in the Nursery.  There are lots of ways that you can help - storytelling, cooking, art and craft or generally helping children to tackle new activities.  We will be running a nursery library and so invite you to come ineach week and help your children with their choice of books.



We welcome parents to help in school in all sorts of ways and parents are an important part of our school.  Your child’s teacher can tell you more about how you can be involved in this way if you have the time.


Please note that all adult helpers are subject to a CRB check and must provide two references before they can come in to work with children.  Please ask at the office for more information.


We ask that parents sign to a home school agreement when their child starts school

Through our policy we aim to:

Provide opportunities for parents / carers, children and school to work in partnership.

Encourage a positive attitude to work.

Consolidate and extend learning experiences.

Improve the quality of learning experiences offered to the children.

Ensure progression towards independence and individual responsibility,

preparing Year 6 children for secondary transfer.


In ensuring the successful implementation of our homework policy we recognise the importance of staff and parents / carers being clear of their role to ensure maximum benefits for the children.



Parents / carers are encouraged to support their child’s homework.  

Parents / carers should provide a peaceful, suitable place in which their children can do their homework.

Encourage and praise their child when homework is completed.

Talk to their child about the activities.  


Parents/carers are provided with an overview of their child’s class topic and areas of study for each term and are encouraged to support their child in researching relevant material and providing artefacts etc. for display.



Class teachers will :

Ensure that homework is well integrated into their planning.

Ensure that tasks are structured to suit progression and learning depending on the age and stage of the child.

Have high expectations of pupils completing their homework.

Provide children with feedback on their work.

Ensure that homework activities meet the needs of the children


Homework is given every Friday and children are expected to return it to school on the following Wednesday