Good attendance is vital in order for your child to make the expected progress and achieve their potential. 

The Welsh assembly Government classes good attendance as 95% and over.

Torfaen County Council operate a strive for 95% policy

Lateness also affects attendance greatly as pupils miss vital core learning at the start of the day.


Attendance levels and lateness are monitored by the school and the Education Welfare Officer

Persistent lateness or unauthorised absences or attendance below 90% will lead to meeting with the Head Teacher and the Education Welfare Officer


Please let us know if your child is ill or unable to come to school by telephoning on the first morning of absence.  

We require details of the illness for your child’s records


The school operates a first day response so if your child is not in school and we haven’t received any notification before 9.30 am, after registers are closed, then you will receive a telephone call from school.


If your child is taken ill or injured whilst in school we will contact you as soon as possible – in order for us to do this, please ensure we have your correct contact details.

If you change your telephone number, address or email during the school year please notify the school office.