In line with the 1986 Education Act no charges or remissions can be levied by the LEA or by the Governors. Nothing prevents contributions being invited on a voluntary basis, but no child will be

disadvantaged by a failure to contribute.


There will be no charges made during the school day for the cost of books and other

relevant teaching / learningmaterials.




We work in close partnership with Gwent Music to offer a range of opportunities for pupils to learn to play an instrument of choice and to enhance the music curriculum offered.


If you would like your child to receive music lessons, please book your child’s place by logging on-line to website. If however your child is entitled to free school meals, you can apply for a music assess fund which can fund part of the cost for music lessons (Please contact school office for details)



The school may organise educational visits in order to enhance the curriculum on offer. These will only be able to take place if parents are willing to make voluntary contribution. No child will be excluded from such a visit, therefore the viability of such outings will depend upon the level of contributions and the actual cost to the school.



Swimming lessons take place at Cwmbran High School during autumn and spring term. We hope that all children will achieve some success in learning to swim and certificates are given out at the end of year. We ask for voluntary contributions from parents to cover the cost of the transport.