The term, additional educational needs, refers to a variety of requirements resulting from pupil’s individual needs. The needs may be physical, emotional, behavioural or academic. More able and talented pupils demonstrate as much need for special consideration as those who require more support to make progress and those who require support to reach their potential in line with the national expectation.  

The school endeavours to cater for all pupils as individuals.  


The school adheres to the statutory additional learning needs code of practice. The school has an effective screening programme which assists the identification and assessment of pupils with Additional Learning Educational Needs. An Additional Learning Educational Needs co-ordinator (ALENCo) takes responsibility for the implementation of the code of practice and liaises with teaching staff concerning children with Additional Learning Needs. The co-ordinator also communicates with external support services such as the Educational Psychology Service (EPS), physiotherapists and occupational therapists.



The school is fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Every effort is made to accommodate any physical need including the mobility and assistance of any pupil who may need it, whether a permanent or temporary disability. 



(In accordance with the 1988 Education Reform Act) 

Llantarnam Primary School Assemblies reflect the teachings of Christianity, as well as recognising the importance of other faith. The law has always stated that R.E. must be non-denominational and that we should educate but not instruct in any one particular denomination.


Collective worship need no longer be at the start of the school day the bringing together of the whole school for Assembly is morally and spiritually uplifting and as such is a valuable part of the school day. In the Secretary of State’s view, an act of worship which is ‘broadly Christian’ need not contain only Christian material.  The Act allows for the continuance of multi-faith material to be used in Assemblies as long as during the term time the majority are ‘broadly Christian’.


We hope that parents will want to share some of our Assemblies especially class assemblies. Parents may request to withdraw their child from religious worship (Education Act 1944) Please contact the 

Head teacher should you wish to do so.