Morning Play times vary in line with assembly arrangements.
Pupils have 15 minutes free play during the morning session
It is the responsibility of parents to make sure their children get to and from school safely. Pupils within the Foundation Phase should always be accompanied to and from school by an adult.  Foundation Phase parents must collect pupils from their classroom. Key Stage Two pupils can be collected from one of the Key Stage two staff team at the gate next to the school garden / main school entrance. 


Please ensure relevant staff are aware of any changes in the arrangements for home time collections.

  In cases of emergency if you are likely to be late picking up your child please ring the school and we will provide supervision until you arrive. If your child makes his / her own way home alone please stress the importance of coming straight home and also not to go home with another child without asking you first.  


When children stay after school for extra-curricular activities, pupils in the foundation Phase and Lower Juniors (year 3&4) must be collected by an adult and there must be written consent for the club leader to allow pupils in year 5&6 to be released without an adult.