All Admissions to Llantarnam Community Primary School are administered through Torfaen Local Authority Admissions team. Torfaen Local Authority admits pupils up to the school’s admission number (AN). Our school admission number is 45 pupils per year group, the AN is the number of pupils who should be admitted to a relevant age group if sufficient applications are received.  


Where the number of applications exceed the number of places available, the following over-subscription criteria will be used to determine which applicants would be offered places:


Priority 1 - Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs

Priority 2 - Children who are looked after by the Authority (e.g. fostered), or children who have been previously looked after

Priority 3 - Children on medical grounds (supported by a medical consultant’s report, specifying the medical advantage of the child attending the preferred school compared with the normal catchments.

Priority 4 - Children residing in the catchment area of their chosen school with siblings

Priority 5 - Children residing in the catchment area of their chosen school without siblings

Priority 6 - Children residing out of the catchment area of their chosen school with siblings

Priority 7 - Children residing out of the catchment area of their chosen school without siblings.


If children have older brothers or sisters at a school at the date of admission they will be admitted in preference to those not having brothers or sisters at the school (subject to the above criteria)


After taking account the above categories, priority will be based on closeness to the school. The distance is measured from the point where the child’s home meets the highway, to the nearest available entrance of the school, using a Digital Information mapping system (map info professional, owned by Pitney Bowes). The authority does not use google or AutoRoute as a measuring tool.


Applications for Reception places are normally applied for by the end of January each year, with places being offered by mid-April.  While applications to Secondary School are made by Year 6 pupils normally by end of November, with places offered by the beginning of March. Application forms will be sent out automatically by school pupil post in October for Secondary applications and December for Reception applications.


Children are eligible to start their nursery placement from the beginning of the term,

after the child’s third birthday, subject to spaces. 

Places are allocated on a part time basis (morning or afternoon sessions for five days a week).    


Please note: The placement of your child in our nursery unit does not guarantee your child a Reception place, you will still need to re-apply.


For further information with regard to admissions please contact

Admissions officer - Mrs K Worwood - 01495 766 915