Puddle Ducks

Puddleducks Playgroup is owned by Joanna Wharton.



Llantarnam Community Primary School,

James Prosser Way, 



NP44 3XB.

Call direct: 07703 732 972/07955 407 002

You can also contact us by email: jowharton@live.co.uk

We are registered with and inspected by Care & Social Services Inspectorate of Wales (C.S.S.I.W.)
We are registered as a Day Care setting, offering sessional care for a maximum of 4 hours a day per child.

Puddleducks Playgroup is registered to take a maximum of 18 children per session.

The Registration Form and current Inspection Report are available at the entrance for you to read.

We welcome boys and girls aged between 2–4 years of age. We promote diversity and are open to children from all cultures and religions.


Children with additional learning needs are also welcome.

We work closely in partnership with parents and other relevant agencies involved in your child’s care such as Health Visitors and Speech and Language Therapists to help us meet your child’s individual needs Permission will be sort from parents/carers before any information is exchanged. Confidentiality will be used at all times.


English is mainly used in the setting with basic Welsh also spoken. Parents/carers can seek advice and help from a member of staff if your child’s first language is not English and Puddleducks will help and support your child to settle.

We are Quality Assured by Wales Pre-School Providers Association of whom we are members. This is an organisation that supports settings to provide good quality childcare.

We are also participating in E.C.E.R.S. (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale). This is a programme which assesses all aspects of the setting and through evaluation looks at ways to make further improvements to the service we offer.


Entering playgroup

Puddleducks Playgroup can be found within Llantarnam Community Primary School. It is situated within the Foundation phase area. Here at Puddleducks we have these procedures in place to ensure the safety of your child at all times:

●  Please could parents/carers park in the designated car park which is situated at the main entrance to the school building and then escort your child safely on foot to the playgroup.

●  Children will enter through the foundation phase gate, which will be manned at appropriate times.

●  They will then be taken by their parent/carer to Puddleducks gate which is the second​ Foundation phase class and on the right they will be welcomed by a Puddleducks member of staff.

●  Latecomers will report to reception where they will be collected by a Puddleducks member of staff.

●  The main Foundation phase gate will be unlocked at the appropriate times for pick up

●  If the gate is locked when the parent/carer arrives, either because they are too early or too late, then they will have to report to reception where the child will be brought to them.


Playgroup sessions and opening times

We are open Monday to Friday in line with school terms. We also close for Bank Holidays. Parents will be notified of any closing days verbally and through newsletters.

Playgroup morning sessions run form 9.00am*– 11.15am Afternoon sessions are from 12.45pm – 3.00pm.

Lunch Club is also offered in which children bring and eat their own lunch.

In addition Puddleducks offer a wrap around service for those children attending Llantarnam Nursery which is also located on site. Children will be collected/taken to the Nursery by playgroup staff. A separate lunch Club/Wrap around booklet is available giving more information about this service, including fees.

Please ask management for a copy if you are interested.


The playgroup has 7 members of staff who all work on a part-time basis. Joanna Wharton is the owner. Lana Jolosa is the person in charge on a daily basis. Both hold a level 5 Childcare Qualification. Sian Scott, Leanne O'Hagan and Lindsey Davies all have a level 3 childcare qualification. Kayliegh Williams and Sharon Young both have gained a Level 2 childcare qualification and are working towards their level 3. All staff have experience within childcare settings and undertake a recruitment process to ensure the best possible person is appointed for the position.


All staff are DBS checked. They also have training in Safeguarding Children, Paediatric First Aid and Food Safety. Staff also attend additional courses to gain training and knowledge on all aspects of childcare. Joanna is the Child Protection Officer for the playgroup and Lana is the Special Needs Co-ordinator and Health & Safety Officer.


1 adult to 4 children aged 2-3 years.
1 adult to 8 children aged 3+ years.
These ratios are exceeded where possible.

The setting

The playgroup itself consists of a medium size room. All information relating to the setting such as the groups Policies & Procedures, planning and topic of the month as well as other important information about the group is situated on the walls and a small table at the entrance. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this. Children have a coat and bag peg within the entrance.

The main room consists of a large colourful area which is made up of separate learning sections such as maths area, small world area, construction area, art & craft area as well as ‘messy’ play, role play and nature areas. All equipment and activities are available to all children throughout the session. There is also a quiet area, which consists of a bookcase and soft toys/puppets which the children also have open access to. A bathroom leads off from the classroom, which consists of 2 child sized toilets, 2 child sized sinks 1 adult sized sink and a nappy changing area. A small kitchen for preparing snacks and drinks is also available. The playgroup also has a tarmac area which is utilised for physical play and larger play equipment such as bikes and ball games.

The Daily Routine

The children follow a routine which is displayed within the room. It is also available in the entrance alongside the snack menu.

9.00 -11.15am / 12.45 - 1.00pm

 Welcome children. Registration

9.15 - 10.15am / 1.00 – 2.00pm 

Free play - access to all areas including outdoors and

activities including quiet area and arts & crafts activities


10.15 - 10.25am / 2.00 – 2.10pm 

Music movement

10.25 - 10.45am / 2.10 - 2.30pm 

Wash hands. Snack time

10 .45 - 11.05am / 2.30 - 2.50pm 

Free play

11.05 - 11.15am / 2.50 – 3.00pm

Story / song time.

11.15 / 3.00pm

 Home time

(morning session-unless your child is attending Lunch Club.)

Our Aims

●  To promote a happy, supportive and caring atmosphere within an attractive and stimulating environment

●  To provide for social, moral, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

●  To provide a range of opportunities for both free and structured play suitable for preschool children.

●  To work in close partnership with parents.

We wish to make parents aware and value the importance of their children’s play, so Puddleducks Playgroup has an Open Door Policy to all parents and carers. Please see a member of staff if you would like to discuss any concerns or simply join in the fun!

Planning & Development

As soon as children are born they thrive by learning about the world around them. As they grow their ability to learn grows with them. The Foundation Phase has been developed to promote learning by doing and giving them more opportunities to gain first hand experiences through play and discovery. It covers 7 areas of learning;


● Personal & Social, Well-being & Cultural Diversity

● Language, Literacy & Communication skills
● Mathematical Development
● Knowledge & Understanding of the World

● Physical Development
● Creative Development
● Welsh Language Development

We promote all areas of the Foundation Phase through topic work which is displayed on the entrance. The children’s ideas and daily conversations are listened to and used by staff to help them plan fun and stimulating activities. We provide aprons for painting; messy play and water play. We also advise parents/carers to dress their child in comfortable clothing that can be easily cleaned.


We rely on fees and fund raising to keep the playgroup open and to pay staff.

Our fees are £8.00 per session and must be paid on the first session of the week your child attends.

Fees still need to be paid during any absence due to illness, holidays etc. Please familiarise yourself with the child illness and exclusions. These are displayed in the entrance.

Failure to pay fees may result in your child losing their place.
Fees for the Lunch Club and Wraparound Service are in the separate booklet.

A one off payment of £5.00 to cover administration and insurance costs is payable at registration.

You may be eligible to claim some of your fees back from Tax Credits. Please see information board for details. As a Playgroup we are registered for Tax -free Childcare and numerous other childcare vouchers .

We also offer the 30 hours free childcare for 3/4 year olds.

Please feel free to speak to a member of staff for more information or alternatively visit 

www.gov.uk/child-benefit​ the childcare and parenting section for financial support for childcare


The children are given a snack whilst at playgroup, considering allergies, culture, religion etc.

Snack is a self service system where the children serve themselves fruit and food types.

They can also choose milk or water to drink. Drinks are also readily available to the children throughout the session. Any donations of fruit are much appreciated.
Puddleducks Playgroup has a Food & Diet Policy. This and a menu can be found on the noticeboard.

Complaints Procedure

Parents and their children should feel confident that they will be listened to if they feel concerns about any aspect of the Playgroup. Please feel free to discuss any matters with the management and we will do our best to deal with any concerns in a confidential and sensitive manner. We will do our utmost to deal with any such concerns promptly. Most issues are dealt with before they become an issue. A Complaints Policy is enclosed for you to be aware of the procedure if unfortunately you feel the need to use it.

We also appreciate any positive feedback so please tell us if you like any particular aspect of the Playgroup!
A comment book is also available at the entrance in which you can write down your views, suggestions or compliments. It is important you have a voice and we value your opinions. They also help the setting review their service and make improvements.

Policies & Procedures

To ensure a well run and efficient playgroup numerous policies and procedures are in place. All policies and procedures are available for your inspection and are available at the entrance. These are reviewed annually by the manager. We will make you aware if new policies are introduced throughout the course of the year.


Health & Safety

Emergency procedures and fire exits are clearly displayed in the setting. Fire drills are carried out on a termly basis and these are recorded and evaluated. Risk Assessments are also carried out on all areas, equipment and activities. A safety check list is also undertaken on a daily basis. An accident book is used to record accidents occurring within the setting parents are asked to sign this and then given a copy all accidents are reviewed on a termly basis .Parents are asked to sign a consent form for staff to administer emergency first aid .All staff are first aid trained. Everybody’s health and well being is of paramount importance and as such we wish to ensure a safe environment for all persons using the setting - children, parents, staff and authorised visitors.

Other useful information

Please label your child’s belongings. This makes it easier for children, staff and parents to locate the child’s correct coat, bag etc. Place nappies, wipes and a change of clothing in a bag.
If a child becomes ill during a session staff will contact their parents in order that the child can be collected. Please ensure staff have contact details for yourself and other named persons if the need arises. Parents will also be contacted if an emergency of any kind occurs to your child whilst attending the setting.

Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Parent/carers can also provide wellingtons for outdoor play. Staff will apply sun cream but this must be supplied by the parent and a form signed. Management will review this Statement of Purpose and inform

CSSIW of any changes to the service it provides.


Settling In

If after visiting Puddleducks Playgroup and receiving a copy of this booklet you make an informative choice to send your child to this setting please fill out the Application Form and Contract and hand in to management who will discuss further visits and a start date. A child detail form will then be

filled out with staff to ensure we have all the information we need to help your child settle into the playgroup.

You are welcome to ask any questions you feel you need to and can also contact us using the relevant numbers/e-mail. We encourage new parents to stay with their child when they first start playgroup to help them settle in and feel at ease with their new environment and staff. We would like to work with parents to ensure their child settles well with us.

We look forward to you and your child joining us at Puddleducks Playgroup​!!