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Kindness In the Community & Tin on the Wall

Our 'Kindness In the Community Food Hub' started life in 2021.


Cllr. David Thomas, a governor and friend of Llantarnam Primary, identified a need in the community for a way to support families due to the growing cost of living crisis, and suggested our school was an ideal location to set up a food bank.

A committee was set up, and very quickly a team of parents and community volunteers started the 'Tin on the Wall' weekly collection, allowing residents in Llantarnam ward to leave a food donation outside their house ready for collection.

From the early days of very much flying by the seat of our pants, the Food Hub has become a well-oiled machine and monthly collections are now streamlined into just a few hours work for the volunteers to sort and process.

Every other Friday are our delivery days, and Emily Boshein, Cllr. Thomas and Rachel Thomas deliver a 'grocery staple' package to approximately 40 families.


Our Kindness In the Community programme couldn't be run without community volunteers and our 'Kindness Helpers' in school (selected pupils in Phase 4), who help Emily sort and pack the 'kindness parcels' in readiness for each delivery day.

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