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We are a Nut-Free School

School Dinners

At lunchtime mainstream pupils (from Reception to Year 6) can either have a school dinner, or bring their own packed lunch.

All school dinners are made to comply with the Healthy Eating in Schools Regulations, and provide nutritionally balanced meals. Each day pupils can choose to have either the hot meal selection, or items from the pasta bar. The menu operates on a 3 week rotation, ensuring there is always a variety of options.

The current school menu can be found here

In September 2022 the Welsh Government began the first phase of Universal Free School Meal roll-out, with the aim of providing all primary school pupils with Free School Meals (FSM) by 2024.

Torfaen County Borough Council have completed their roll-out, with all pupils having the option of a school meal provided free of charge since September 2023.

Special Diet Requests

The special diet team, led by a dietitian, can usually cater for pupils with specific medical needs (allergies, diabetes etc.), but they can't accommodate individual preferences or fussy eaters. 

Special Diet Request forms can be found at here or can be collected from the school office.


Pupils are welcome to bring a packed lunch, but we ask that they follow the school's healthy eating policy is followed, particularly no fizzy drinks or sweets in school.

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